What's Your Dream?

Have you ever had a moment when you realized you had to make a choice between staid status quo and living an adventure, a dream?
Perhaps, there was nothing wrong with life in the here and now,  or perhaps you were facing heartache or a challenge that felt like a mountain of worldly and life tests. I've experienced both.
What I have discovered is the one key ingredient to growth, aside from an open mind,  is to listen to the song of life and sometimes, (yes, really, even if your teeth are grinding) take the leap!
From the time I was a child, I've wanted to see all of Africa.  I dreamed of seeing the 'big five' (African elephant, lion, Cape buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros) in their own habitat. I've yearned to see Kilimanjaro and Cape Town and go on a safari in Kenya and Tanzania and lie on the beach in Zanzibar.
I finally decided to take the plunge, and I'm going to Namibia, Africa's third youngest country, at the end of March.  
I will be spending time with the Himba tribe, flying over the "Skeleton Coast' and going on Safari.  We will also be visiting the Cheetah Conservation Fund, run by an American woman named Laurie Marker, who has dedicated her life to saving the cheetah.
I watched a TED talk she recently gave and was blown away by her love for these beautiful animals.  Thank God for the Laurie Markers of the world, because these beautiful cats are in danger of being extinct within the next 20 years.
To think of living in a world without lions or elephants or cheetahs or any other amazing animal makes my heart break. I know that I need to do something, however small, to make a difference. Laurie Marker inspires me to be a better person.
It is travel that is one of the instruments that truly changes us. When we see and experience things firsthand , we can easily commit to being a part of the change in the world.
Moreover, I am in agreement with Teddy Roosevelt. When asked why he was journeying to the Amazon, he said,  "I had to go, it was my last chance to be a boy."
Yes,  this trip is necessary and worth every penny saved through the years. My five-year-old inner me is finally going to see the continent of my dreams and I feel so very alive....

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