A Healthy Halloween? It's Easier Than You Think!

Mention the word Halloween to kids and they’ll start dreaming about imaginative costumes, spooky parties, and piles of candy. But for many parents, this holiday too often revolves around those bagfuls of sweets.

While there’s no need to completely eradicate candy from this autumnal celebration, a little can go a long way—particularly when it’s portioned out in manageable servings.

If you expect trick-or-treaters to come knocking, consider offering satisfying and healthy treats instead. Small, individually wrapped packages of dried fruits or nuts are great to give out.

They provide a convenient boost of energy, protein, and fiber to weary ghosts and goblins. Instead of the typical snack-sized candy bar, hand out miniature, wrapped bars of dark chocolate.

Not only does this kind of chocolate have less sugar than milk chocolate, it’s also available in socially and environmentally conscious varieties.

Parties are a great place to introduce foods that are good for kids while being a blast to eat as well. Don’t forget about warm soups, hot spiced cider, and baked apples.

They’re perfect for chasing away a chill before or after trick-or-treating.

Try our recipes for gluten-free party mix, chocolate coconut haystacks, and spiced apple tea, among other great Halloween treats.

Before You Go

Serving a nutritious snack or light meal before trick-or-treating helps prevent little ones from munching on the go.

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