3 New Breakfasts for the New Year

Take a break from the breakfast standards with these healthy options that are even kid pleasing.

Getting away from processed foods at breakfast time, especially if you have kids to feed, can be challenging. Sure, there are some “clean” cereals on the market, but they can get mundane quickly. Here are three quick breakfasts that are kid pleasing and provide protein, fiber and whole grains beyond wheat.

Warm quinoa
It may sound strange, but add some milk or milk substitute and sweetener, along with a dash of cinnamon, and you’ve got a healthy alternative to other hot cereals. You can cook up a pot of quinoa and use it for breakfasts throughout the week. Toss in dried fruit or nuts if desired.

Rice cracker with peanut butter and a raisin happy face
Simply spread a whole grain rice cracker with peanut butter (or other nut/seed butter) and arrange raisins in a happy face—or try a heart.

Steel-cut oatmeal
Less processed than their rolled cousins, steel-cut oats take longer to digest, so you feel full longer; plus they have more fiber. They do take more time to cook than rolled oats, so cook up a pot and then reheat portions throughout the week. If you don’t mind a smoother texture, blend the oats in the blender and then boil with water or milk (or milk alternative) for about 5 minutes. Try them with real maple syrup—yum!


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