Vitamins and Minerals for Cancer Prevention

It’s best to obtain your vitamins and minerals from good food. However, many Americans are lacking in key nutrients, some of which have been linked to cancer prevention. You may want to consider adding a multivitamin/mineral or other supplements to your daily regimen for optimal health and immune functioning. Discuss any supplement changes with your healthcare provider. Vitamins C and D3 are linked to improved immune functioning. Impaired D3 metabolism may play a role in the production or causation of thyroid tumors. Vitamin C may have antitumor properties. Long-term studies show that supplementing with vitamin C—along with other antioxidants—can reduce the risk of developing cancer. Vitamin E is another important nutrient to consider. A recent study links the dietary form with a decreased risk of breast cancer. Another recent study finds garlic extract to be a good weapon against melanoma. Garlic’s naturally occurring sulfur compounds may suppress the growth of cancer cells. Supplementing with lycopene can be of benefit too. A powerful antioxidant and member of the carotenoid family, lycopene’s been found to offer cancer protection. Low levels have been associated with greater breast cancer risk.

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