What Foods Contain Omega 3s?

Here’s a look at the foods that provide these essential fats.

Fish and some forms of algae are ideal sources of the omega-3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosapentaenoic acid (DHA). Certain plant foods provide alpha linolenic acid (ALA), another omega 3 that the body partially converts to EPA and DHA.

Selected Food Sources of EPA and DHA 

Food source

Serving Size

ALA Amount (grams/serving)

Flaxseed oil 

1 Tbsp

7.3 g 

English walnuts

1 oz

2.6 g

Flaxseeds (ground)

1 Tbsp 

1.6 g 

Walnut Oil 

1 Tbsp


Canola oil 

1 Tbsp

1.3 g

Tofu, firm 

1/2 cup 

0.7 g


Food source

Serving Size

EPA/DHA Amount (grams/serving)

Herring, Pacific 

3 oz 

EPA: 1.06 g/ DHA: 0.75 g 

Salmon, Chinook 

3 oz 

EPA: 0.86 g/ DHA: 0.62 g

Salmon, Atlantic 

3 oz  

EPA: 0.45 g/DHA: 0.74 g

Rainbow trout 

3 oz 

EPA: 0.40 g/ DHA: 0.44 g



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