The Greatest Thing Since (Gluten-Free) Sliced Bread!

Run, don't walk, to your favorite natural health store (or natural section at your local market), and buy some Hail Merry macaroons. Can I just say, OMG!?

These gluten-free, vegan treats are small, but you will savor them so much that you will feel satisfied with the serving size of two. 

Here's the idea behind these goodies. Hail Merry's dehydrates them "to protect the organic extra virgin coconut oil and delicate omegas in the almond flour" (I'm quoting directly from the bag here). Imagine those flavors combined with organic shredded coconut, organic maple syrup, pure Madagascar bourbon vanilla, and sea salt. You had me at hello!

Because of their oils, you need to keep these treats in the fridge. The idea is that you then let them sit until they're at room temperature so they melt in your mouth. Well, they're so tasty even cold from the fridge, that waiting long enough for them warm up can be extremely challenging. BUT, the flavor is even more intensified if you can postpone gratification.

What a wonderful, healthy treat. Going gluten free just got easier and better! Only 4 grams of sugar too!


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