Lose Weight with Raspberry Ketone

Is it possible?

Scientists have been studying raspberry ketone lately. What they’re learning has them intrigued about the fat-burning potential of this aromatic component found in red raspberries.

Lab animals fed high-fat diets and given raspberry ketone had lower levels of fat in their livers and abdominal tissue than control animals fed just a high-fat diet.

Researchers also tested fat cells in vitro (test tube or petri dish experiments) with raspberry ketone. They found that the fat cells secreted a higher level of adiponectin, a protein that regulates fatty acid breakdown. Lean, healthy people produce more adiponectin than obese people. Raspberry ketone mimics what happens in the bodies of lean people—it helps fat cells break down more quickly and efficiently.

These studies and others make researchers think that raspberry ketone may be able to decrease both obesity and fatty liver by the stimulation of metabolism.


Selected Sources

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“Raspberry Ketone Protects Rats Fed High-Fat Diets Against Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis” by L. Wang et al., J Med Food, 5/12

What is it?

Raspberry keytone is the aromatic component found in red raspberries.

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