Oh, Baby!

The other day I looked away from my adventurous eight-month-old for a moment.
When I looked back, she’d tumbled to the floor and a bright red lump was forming on her forehead.


My first impulse was to feel guilty. The second was to reach for the homeopathic Arnica ointment—of the two, a more useful reaction. After receiving a hug and a smear of the gel, my daughter went back to exploring and the bump receded, leaving only the hint of a bruise behind. 
No parent is perfect, but we all do our best to soothe the bumps and discomforts of everyday life. It’s a relief to know that homeopathy offers a variety of remedies to assist us. These medicines are completely nontoxic, carry no risk of drug or supplement interactions, and are easy to administer. They’re safe for use with infants and small children too. Here are a few homeopathic medicines that caregivers may be glad to have on hand.
Use for Bruising
Apply topical product to unbroken skin; also available for internal use.
Use for Fever or ear pain
Best used at onset of symptoms such as hot, burning skin. Contact your pediatrician if your child has a fever accompanied by ear pain, or one that lasts longer than three days. 
Bryonia Alba
Use for Dry cough
Best for painful, dry coughs; consider combination formulas as well. 
Use for Skin irritation
Apply topically as needed. Useful for mild sunburns.
Use to Teething
Addresses pain and irritability; follow package instructions.
Use for Colic with cramps
Also look for combination formulas for colic. 
Use for Earache and sinus problems
Consider for a child with runny nose or earache who seeks sympathy and feels better in fresh air. 
Nux vomica
Use for Stomach upset
Helpful for indigestion, diarrhea, and constipation. May also be used for fevers with chills.
Individualized Attention
Over-the-counter homeopathic remedies are well-suited to quick, convenient care at home. For complex illnesses, however, a caregiver may want to visit a homeopathic physician. He or she will prescribe treatment based on a child’s unique set of symptoms and personal characteristics. In a recent study in India, individualized homeopathic treatment led to fewer upper respiratory tract infections among children younger than five.

Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic medicines are completely nontoxic, carry no risk of drug or supplement interactions, and are easy to administer.

They’re safe for use with infants and small children too.

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