5 Habits That Keep Your Heart Healthy

They are easier than you think!


1. Be sure to floss your teeth daily. 
A growing amount of evidence links periodontal disease with heart problems.
2.  Learn ways to cope with stress.
The American Heart Association recommends practicing positive self talk. For example, instead of saying “I hate it when this happens,” say “I know how to deal with this; I’ve done it before.”
3. Massage, listening to music, and exercise all alleviate anxiety.
This is vital, as anxiety and worry can negatively impact your circulation, the heart, and the whole nervous system.
4. Indulge in “hearty” laughter whenever you can.
It relaxes blood vessel walls and improves blood circulation by 20 percent.
5. Eat wild-caught salmon.
Low in mercury and a good source of vitamin D and protein, salmon is high in omega 3s, which are key to circulatory function.