For Better Rest: Saga Pro

For more information, visit SagaPro online (March, 2011) Made from Icelandic Garden Angelica Leaves, SagaPro contains active compounds that can reduce inflammation and frequent urination. “The Angel Herb” has been in use by the Scandinavians for over 1100 years. The monks and doctors of those days thought the herb had been given to the world by the angels to stop people getting sick and to make people better. It was therefore known as the “Angel Herb” or “ANGELICA”. SagaPro has been developed for people suffering from nocturia (excessive nightime urination). Frequent urination can have a variety of causes. In men, the cause can be a benign enlargement of the prostate gland. In women, the cause may be a hyperactive bladder, although a hyperactive bladder can be a problem for both men and women. The problem increases with age and is much more common than people realize. In 1990, Professor Gudbjarnsson (first person to lecture on the benefits of taking Omega3 - read his lecture on, Head of The University of Iceland, decided to research why the Vikings thought Icelandic Angelica was so important to health. He soon discovered and was amazed that it had anti-inflamatory properties. He soon developed a tincture and through testing found it worked on people with overactive bladders and men with prostate problems to reduce the frequency of urination. Over the next few years through research they managed to manufacture a tablet which still gave the same results as the tincture. This tablet is now marketed under the name SAGAPRO and has replaced “Saw Palmetto” as the number 1 product for urinary frequency in Iceland. SagaPro is fast acting and results can be felt after a week to 21 days. SagaPro contains compounds that have proven beneficial in reducing frequent urinating caused by the conditions mentioned above. The biologically active compounds in the leaves of the garden angelica are flavonoids, which are believed to have a range of effects. SagaPro has also proven beneficial against asthma. Biologically active flavonoids have been shown to inhibit contractions in bronchial tubes by preventing the formation of leukotrien D4, a substance that causes contractions and shortness of breath. RESULTS FOUND FROM PEOPLE USING SAGAPRO: 1. Calms bladder muscle contraction. 2. Libido is not reduced. Some people find libido is increased. 3. No known negative side-effects. 4. Reduction of bathroom visits at night. 5. Better night sleep 6. Contains biologically active flavonoids which have been shown to inhibit contractions in bronchial tubes. It has proved to be beneficial against asthma. The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.