Common Food Allergens Hide Here

Sometimes it’s hard to know where food allergens may be hiding. Here are some possibilities. Problem Food Hiding Places Reason Eggs Egg substitutes Some brands contain egg whites. Pasta Some pastas contain eggs or are processed on equipment also used to produce egg-containing pastas. Fish or shellfish Caesar salad Anchovies often are an ingredient. Meat sauces Steak sauce or Worcestershire sauce may contain anchovies. Imitation crab meat Some versions contain fish. Milk and dairy products Deli slicers These devices are often used to slice both meats and cheeses. “Nondairy” products Some actually contain milk derivatives. Meat Casein, a milk protein, may be used as a binding agent. Tuna Some brands of canned tuna contain casein. Peanuts Nut butters (such as cashew or almond) May be processed on the same equipment used to make peanut butter. Sunflower seeds May be processed on same equipment used to produce peanuts. Tree nuts Flavorings Many natural and artificial flavorings may contain tree nuts. Other foods May be present in many foods, including barbecue sauce, cereals, crackers, and ice cream. Household items Some toys and beanbags may be filled with stuffing made from crushed nut shells. Soy Peanut butter Soy may be an ingredient in peanut butter. Other foods Soybeans and soy products often are used in baked goods, canned tuna, cereals, crackers, infant formulas, sauces, and soups. Wheat Imitation meat and seafood products Wheat flour may be flavored and shaped to look like beef, pork, or shrimp. Hot dogs May be an ingredient in some brands. Ice cream May be an ingredient in some brands. Soy sauce Often contains wheat. Adapted from “Hidden Sources of Food Allergens,”