Support Your Eyes With Diet and Natural Products

Want to give your eyes the best? Drink plenty of pure water, eat a wholesome diet, and use gentle, natural products to keep your eyes looking great.

Protect Your Vision

Glare from computer monitors, bright sunlight (especially reflecting off snow), and intense beams from headlights are hard on even healthy eyes—and can contribute to age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness. In addition to wearing glasses with ultraviolet protection, eat brightly colored fruits and vegetables to help protect vision.

Antioxidant supplements lutein and zeaxanthin appear to fight macular degeneration in healthy adults with normal eyesight. And vitamin E lowers the risk for cataracts, so make sure your daily multi-vitamin/mineral contains this antioxidant.

The herb Ginkgo biloba, which may have a beneficial effect on glaucoma, can also help relieve floaters, those flecks and spots that move slowly through the visual field. Caused by the accumulation of debris in the eye’s vitreous humor, floaters often increase with age, and the nearsighted notice them more often.

Handle With Care

Eye creams that deliver intense moisture can reverse some signs of aging. Look for a natural product that absorbs easily to avoid rubbing and pulling in the delicate eye area.

Research shows that vitamin C can help stimulate older skin cells to produce collagen at the same rate as younger cells— improving skin’s firmness.

Dabbing a vitamin E-containing cream into fine lines around the eyes “has been known to do wonders,” says Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS.

In addition to E, other antioxidant stars in eye creams include green tea and coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

Look Rested, Even When You’re Not

Try these strategies to reduce mild undereye puffiness: Lift your head at night to help prevent fluid accumulation. Think spa—apply chilled cucumber slices under eyes. Use tea to reduce undereye circles and swelling. Steep chamomile tea bags for 20 minutes and then refrigerate. Place cool tea bags under eyes.