Homeopathy for a Sore Throat

The throat takes a lot of abuse. It’s subjected to bacterial and viral infections, various airborne irritants, and vocal use (and use and use . . . ). Like so many other parts of the body, the throat is quite durable. But it does have its limits. On occasion, the throat leaves us speechless or chokes us up with emotion. We may experience a lump in the throat or a pain in the neck. The throat can also make it difficult for us to swallow all these cliches. Viruses and bacteria can cause a sore throat, but so can open-mouth breathing, artificially heated air, and anything that dries out the throat. More than 90 percent of sore throats in adults are viral, so antibiotics are not recommended. While anyone with a long-lasting or chronic sore throat should talk to their healthcare practitioner, homeopathic medicines can be used to treat children and adults with a common sore throat. What to Choose Aconitum: Consider this homeopathic medicine during the initial onset of a sore throat. The symp-toms come on suddenly, often after exposure to cold air. There may be some burning in the throat plus redness and swelling. Typically, the person has an increased thirst. Apis: People who need this homeopathic medicine have a red, inflamed throat with swollen tonsils. The throat is aggravated by warm drinks and relieved by cold drinks or ice. Consider this remedy when the throat hurts even if the person isn’t swallowing. The throat will look red and shiny and will feel dry, with burning, stinging pain. The inner and outer throat may also be swollen. The person may have a sensation of something caught in his throat and have difficulty swallowing. People who need this homeopathic remedy may experience hoarseness in the morning. Arsenicum Album: When people have a burning pain in the throat that is relieved by warm food or drinks and aggravated by cold food or drinks, they may consider this homeopathic medicine. The pain is usually worse on the right side. There may also be dryness of the mouth with a great thirst. Belladonna: This medicine is the most common remedy for acute tonsillitis. It is commonly given in the early stages of other types of sore throat. The tonsils are noticeably red. The person who needs this homeopathic remedy experiences burning pain and a constant desire to swallow, despite the fact that it hurts to do so. There is a constricting feeling in the throat or even a tickle in the larynx. Ferrum Phosphate: This remedy is common for acute tonsillitis. The inflammation begins gradually, and the pain is not severe. The throat is red and swollen, especially upon waking in the morning. People who need this homeopathic medicine experience painful swallowing that is often relieved by cold applications. They may also be hoarse. Hepar Sulph: When someone experiences a sensation of a stick in the throat or when a sore throat starts after exposure to cold, consider Hepar sulph. The tonsils are enlarged, and there is usually a radiating pain to the ears on swallowing. Hot drinks may provide some relief. Lachesis: When a person has a sore throat that’s worse on the left side, this homeopathic medicine is often indicated. The person tends to experience a constant tickle or a feeling of something caught in the throat. The pain is worsened by swallowing saliva or drinking warm or hot liquids and relieved when swallowing foods. The throat is hypersensitive to touch. DOSAGE: Take the 6th, 12th, or 30th potency every two hours for the first three doses and every 6 hours afterwards (as necessary). If improvement doesn’t occur within 24 hours, try a different remedy.