Green Your Cosmetics

(May 2011) Make sure your personal care products are kind to you—and the planet! You can check the safety of the cosmetics you use by consulting “Skin Deep,” the Environmental Working Group’s online database, which catalogs safety and environmental issues associated with a wide range of cosmetic products. Check here: Cosmetic Database The organizations Food and Water Watch and Beyond Pesticides have spearheaded a campaign to ban the use of triclosan (an ingredient used in many soaps and lotions as an antibacterial agent), and they submitted a petition to the EPA in 2010. The EPA is considering what its action should be. Meanwhile the Natural Resources Defense Council has filed a lawsuit to pressure the FDA to finalize a rule that would ban the use of both triclosan and triclocarbon in many antibacterial soaps and related products. The FDA says it will let the public know what it has decided this year. See: What is Lurking in your Soap? Learn about how to avoid toxic chemicals in personal care products by picking up the May issue of Taste for Life magazine in your favorite natural health foods store.