3 Tips to Better Sleep

Sleep. Too often, it’s hard to come by. In fact, ten percent of Americans suffer from chronic insomnia for which they seek medical help. Here are three strategies to encourage a restful night. 1. Exercise. In one study of sleeping habits conducted at Oregon State University, adults who exercised moderately for 150 minutes per week reported a 65 percent improvement in sleep quality. But remember to schedule your physical activity early in the day to get the optimal energy/sleep boost. Some people find that exercising within five hours of bedtime can bring on insomnia. 2. Cut down on caffeine and sugar. Limiting your intake will bring 24-hour benefits. A cup of coffee or two a day provides a burst of energy, but too much caffeine, or caffeine too late in the day, can make you restless and anxious—and keep you from sleeping. Sugar may bring a quick buzz, but it’s also a cause of daytime fatigue and nighttime insomnia. 3. Follow the sun. The National Sleep Foundation recommends getting outside for some morning sun for energy and to prepare for a productive day.