Personal Care Awards

This month we celebrate our top picks in four categories of personal care products!

What do you like best about your bath and body care essentials? Perhaps it's a beloved botanical scent, feeling truly clean without chemicals, or the plant-based anti-aging ingredient that has people asking "Did you do something different?" It could be breathing in deeply in the tub or watching your skin transform from drab to dewy.

We take our favorites personally too. Taste for LIfe celebrates the Essentials Award winners listed below. We've used and loved these products—and have looked closely at their purity, efficacy, and level of innovation. Turns out Mother Nature is the source of some cutting-edge ingredients!


Teeth & Gums




How Do The Essentials Awards Work?

For these awards, Taste for Life team members nominated our own personal care essentials. Then the editors reviewed the ingredients, tested products (tough job!), and selected winners from among the worthy products in each category.

Want to learn more about the Taste for Life Essentials Awards? Contact the editors here.