Spinach Salad with Mango and Candied Peanuts

From Christina Pirello, Emmy Award–winning host of Public Television’s Christina Cooks 20 minutes prep time Serves 4 Ingredients: Candied Peanuts 1/3 c granulated maple sugar 6 Tbsp organic extra-virgin olive oil, divided 3 Tbsp balsamic vinegar, divided 1 c organic shelled unsalted peanuts Spinach Salad 6 to 8 oz organic baby spinach, rinsed very well 1 large, ripe organic mango, peeled, pitted, and thinly sliced Sea salt Cracked black pepper Directions: 1. Lightly oil sheet of aluminum foil. 2. To make peanuts, combine maple sugar, 1 tablespoon oil, and 1 tablespoon vinegar in skillet over medium heat. Cook, stirring until syrup develops, about 3 minutes. 3. Add peanuts and cook, stirring constantly, until nuts are coated with syrup and toasted, about 7 minutes. Spread nuts on foil and using a fork, separate them so they don’t stick together. Set aside to allow coating to harden. 4. To make salad, combine baby spinach, mango slices, and cooled peanuts in mixing bowl. Toss gently with remaining oil, vinegar, and salt and pepper to taste. Serve.